Welcome to Zoluzen (Transcription & Tabulation), a leading Market Research support agency and pioneers in data processing.

Zoluzen excels in "providing artistic knowledge" to its clients - simply put Zoluzen means a "solution" for all MR processing requirements.
We are one of the most experienced KPO service providers for Market Research clients around the globe. Our KPO services include Transcription, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Data Processing, Tabulation, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Charting and Reporting.

Our most esteemed clients include MR companies from Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Japan.

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Data Processing / Tabulation - Services offered by a company that has over the years earned a reputation as the industry's most experienced service provider, offering accurate data processing services to Market Research companies. These services are solicited by leading agencies and independent market researchers alike who require tabulation using Quantum, SPSS etc...   Transcription - IDI (In-depth One-on-One interviews) or Focus group interview recordings involving multiple participants are accurately typed and formatted. Our transcription services are sought for Qualitative research studies as well as meetings. Transcripts shall be provided in verbatim or intelligent verbatim formats based on the requirements of our clients.   Market Research - A leading market research and consulting company in India,we provide business solutions through market information and insights. We work in and across most major business sectors: FMCG; Technology; Finance; Media; Healthcare; Automotive; Political & Social.   KPO services- Zoluzen caters to clients' knowledge processing needs, providing high quality and proficient solutions. Almost any process for which input can be sent via the internet, we shall be able to generate the required output We aim at being the client's partner in understanding specific needs and equipping our team to fulfil the requirements of the client.

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Zoluzen - Statistical Analysis, Market Research, Data Processing, Online Surveys, Tabulation, Transcription