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Tabulation/Data processing & Transcription Organisation



Ramesh Hariharan with over 20 years’ experience in market research has been helping clients with consulting assignments. He has travelled to and worked in different countries such as Japan & the UK. His prior assignments include association with Research International Japan, NFO/TNS, and IMRB. In the UK, he led the Kantar/WPP group's analytics exercise for Europe and the US.



Shubha Ramesh has been helping clients across the globe with her ability to handle overall operations efficiently. She has been extensively working within the Market Research Industry for the past several years. She has travelled to and worked in countries including Japan and the UK. Her familiarity with Japanese and international brands have commendable impact while working on international transcription projects.With over 15 years' experience in transcription services, her team shall be able to handle any kind of transcription within stipulated TAT.

Team strength:

With 2 offices in India and a strong team of back end service experts, our seamless operations ensure risk management and quality service to our clients.
Our team of statisticians have the required education and expertise (gathered through years of handling complex data) to handle clients' data analysis needs.
Our team of transcribes and quality checking personnel ensure clients receive timely delivery of transcripts
Our team of proof reading experts are qualified English graduates who also interpret and infer data.
Our data entry personnel are well trained to handle any kind of data, be it digital or from hard copies.
Our field work personnel partner with us to ensure quality data capture across India.