Focus Group, IDI (Depth Interviews), News, Medical, Business and Meeting Transcription Services


Transcription - IDI (In-depth One-on-One interviews) or Focus group interview recordings involving multiple participants are accurately typed and formatted. Our transcription services are sought for Qualitative research studies as well as meetings. Transcripts shall be provided in verbatim or intelligent verbatim formats based on the requirements of our clients.

Our transcription and editing services make sure that data - in the form of audio and/or video - is captured in all its precision and exactness in a clean format for easy readability of  the end-user and ready for market insights.

We focus on research, business and academic transcription services.
We have expertise in a whole range of transcription types, audio, video, or data generated in its day-to-day operations. We have unparalleled expertise in fulfilling all business transcription as well as market research transcription requirements.

Our transcription services include :

Audio Transcription
⇒  Focus Groups
⇒  Depth interviews (IDI)
⇒  Medical
⇒  Pharma interviews
⇒  Legal
⇒  Conference/Meetings
⇒  Confidential medical conferences
⇒  Seminars
⇒  Board Meetings
⇒  Author interviews
⇒  Media interviews
⇒  Media briefings
⇒  Business presentations
⇒  Personal speeches
Non Audio Transcription
⇒  Blogs
⇒  Texts
Video Transcription
⇒  Commercials
⇒  Films
⇒  Interviews
⇒  Shooting scripts
⇒  Educational material
⇒  Academic videos
⇒  Meetings
⇒  YouTube videos
How to utilize our services for  Transcription:

We follow a simple procedure where clients upload their audio or other files into secured websites, from where our team downloads them and begins work immediately.

Turn Around Time (TAT):

Before the start of the project, deadlines are agreed upon and are strictly adhered to. Our Turnaround time capability is one of the best in the Industry, even as per our clients’ endorsements.

Standard TAT -

Our Standard TAT is 48 hours from the receipt of material. This is achieved after second round of quality checking.

We handle MP3, MP4, WAV, dss, mov, aiff, ra and most WMA/WMV file formats.  Zoluzen provides best transcription from formats such as MP3, MP4 and video files.

Outsource MP3 and MP4 Transcription Services to Zoluzen!

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