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Data Processing/Tabulation

Data Processing/Tabulation - Services offered by a company that has over the years earned a reputation as the industry's most experienced service provider, offering accurate data processing services to Market Research companies. These services are solicited by leading agencies and independent market researchers alike who require tabulation using Quantum, SPSS etc..

Data processing
Experts in Data Processing /Tabulation services! We Offer high quality services with minimum hassle and within the client’s budget.
We provide Data processing/tabulation services for various Market Research clients/Management consultancies across the globe. Our most esteemed clients are from Europe, North America, Middle East, South East Asia and Japan.

Our competitive research designs, analytics and presentations help our clients focus on business development, client servicing and project management, enabling them to be more focused and business oriented.
We are highly experienced in helping clients with basic tabulations as well as complex ones like bivariate and multivariate analysis.

We are specifically adept in:
>> Tabulation, using packages such as SPSS, Quantum etc.
>>  Advanced analysis
>> Statistical tools including XLstat, Need gap analysis, bi-plots, Correspondence analysis in       Minitab

Outsourcing Data Processing  to Zoluzen helps clients apply advanced statistical tools and techniques to extract superior market insights.

We also have competencies in:
>> Banner Table Generation
>> Indexing & Cataloging
>> Tabulation in multiple languages (English, French, Dutch etc.)

Our team of senior analysts are capable of handling complicated DIARY type studies using techniques like “Analysis levels” and trailer cards.