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A leading market research and consulting company in India,we provide business solutions through market information and insights. We work in and across most major business sectors: FMCG; Technology; Finance; Media; Healthcare; Automotive; Political & Social.


- AMT DIGITAL Communication Test
- AMT DIGITAL Commercial Tests (TV Spots)

Our expertise:
Zoluzen offers clients a wide range of customised quantitative and qualitative market research techniques and solutions, including customer-feedback solutions. Few of our solutions cover areas of brand health, tracking, segmentation, and advertising effectiveness at a reasonable cost.

Our approach to service is our greatest asset.

We handle:

Product/Concept Testing: Pre-launch tests for new products, optimization of the mix for existing products or services
Usage and Attitude Studies: Market analysis, expectations and business needs, understanding purchasing processes
Customer Satisfaction Studies: Satisfaction and loyalty analysis, service quality evaluation (mystery visits)
Pricing Research: Optimum pricing research and modelling
Retail studies: Identification of target customer base, positioning.
Segmentation and Profiling Studies: Identifying the most profitable customer segment.
Brand Image Follow-up: Brand assessment, market position studies, assessment of fame and image
Market Evaluations: Estimates of trading area purchase flows, and previsions of potential supply
Promotion Efficiency and Effectiveness: Research into lines of communication and pre-test publicity; post-launch, measuring impact and effectiveness of communication
Market Entry Strategies: Which is the potential market? What are the threats and opportunities? In depth assessment of market opportunities.
Mapping Exercises: Catchment area analysis
Our pan-India field capabilities ensures high quality data collection, through methods such as CATI,  CAPI, CAWI further to PAPI

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